Ray Henry

It all started with a copy of Netscape Composer, eventually leading to a 3.25” floppy housing Allaire Homesite carried from job to job and now onto VS Code. After 20+ years messing around on the Web, I couldn't be more excited about where the industry is going with CSS variables and grid. It's much like encountering DHTML all over again for the first time. Work Samples

Work Experience

2011 - Present

Manager Web Design

Manage multiple .brand TLD website design, experience and UI. Design and development of marketing landing pages, Wordpress-based content hubs and application interface design. Responsible for maintaining corporate brand in all online experiences including web and HTML email marketing campaigns.

2005 - 2011

Senior Web Designer

Responsible for design and HTML/CSS development of pages for large e-commerce application. Responsible for all Wordpress development for corporate online presences. Spearheaded CSS-based website templates that allowed more flexibility for customers. Reworked the company's mobile and post-login account manager that helped reduce support calls by 10%.

2003 - 2005

Web Designer

User Interface design, layout, and graphic construction for multiple websites as well as creative development for email campaigns. Worked with product development teams and software engineers to maintain a multitude of online experiences for various contracts.

2000 - 2003

Web Designer / UI

Part of a team of designers responsible for building a pre- and post-login application experience for a large online financial solutions company. Developed Macromedia Flash demos showcasing the benefits of the company's innovation solutions. HTML email and banner ad design for marketing purposes.

Areas of Expertise

Responsive Design & Development
(X)HTML 4/5
JavaScript & jQuery
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Wordpress Theme Development

Industry Recognition

Two submissions to the CSS Zen Garden (http://www.csszengarden.com/) were published in Dave Shea's The Zen of CSS Design (2005).

A free stock photo site that I developed and maintain, TextureKing.com, was highlighted in New Masters of Photoshop : Volume 2 (2004).

A recent redesign of the Neustar corporate website received an "American Web Design Award" from The Creative Group in 2014.


Sitting behind a computer all day can drive any one a bit batty. If I'm not at the gym moving some weight or growing obnoxiously hot chilis, I can be found hiking with my daughter and dogs or enjoying a tasty craft brew on the back deck.